All Terrain Utility Vehicles

The Facts about All-Terrain Vehicles

If you’ve never heard about an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) or if you’ve never even seen one, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. ATVs are fun to drive (lots and lots of fun), but they’re also very practical. You can use them in ways you cannot now – and never could – use a truck.

To begin, All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) are demonstrably more effective than trucks when operating “off-road,” that is on rugged, unpaved land. There is a reason for that. While many trucks (perhaps most trucks) are capable of functioning off-road, they are really designed to function best on paved streets and highways … just like the passenger sedan that sits in your driveway.

All Terrain Utility VehiclesAn ATV is different … very, very different. It has “fat tires,” a fact that gives it an ability to traverse hills, bumps and gullies as easily and efficiently as if it were traveling on the local freeway. Don’t sell this ability short. It is what differentiates the ATV from ordinary vehicles, including trucks.

Ask any farmer and he will tell you that his All-Terrain Vehicle is one of the most important assets he has on the farm. Gardeners will tell you the same thing, as will those who toil in forests. Yes … All-Terrain Vehicles are ideal for people who operate farms … manage and tend to large gardens or botanical areas … and those who must move easily through dense forest lands.

What makes the All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) so effective for people in the occupations noted above? Well … most All-Terrain Vehicles are compact, powerful … and extremely maneuverable. You can drive them through tight spaces … negotiate difficult natural land areas … go easily where a truck would not succeed.

And here’s something else to consider: All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) are available in 4-wheel and 6-wheel models. Obviously, the additional wheels will provide even more stability for you on difficult natural terrain and enable you to complete chores you once thought were impossible.

In fact, ask any owner of an All-Terrain Vehicle what he or she thinks and you will get this answer: it is a remarkable labor-saver. It eliminates the words “hard to do” from the user’s vocabulary because it makes every job – even incredibly difficult jobs – possible.

The truth is, the All-Terrain Vehicle is masterful at hauling bulk material from one place to another, often when the material being hauled is very, very heavy. That’s because the All-Terrain Vehicle is not only powerful, it has remarkable balance and stability, especially on off-roads, making it easy to pull or carry just about anything.

Here’s one more piece of very good news. Although All-Terrain Vehicles were originally developed and sold for their work capabilities, ATVs have also become immensely popular with off-road sports enthusiasts. They’re fun to drive where no roads exist.

It may even be safe to say that All-Terrain Vehicles have replaced the more traditional bicycle as the most coveted Christmas or birthday present for teenage males with a sense of adventure and a desire to ride roughshod over hills, dales, bumps and more.